Systemic Change

The dictionary definition of the word “system” is “a set of things working together as part of a mechanism or inter connected network, a complex whole”
How do you feel about our system?
Our system which works for the few but does little for the many; a system where 1% of the worlds population own 90% of the worlds wealth.
A system where trumpeted inflation figures result in higher borrowing costs - but no improvement in savings rates; where fuel prices are over 90% tax and duty; where rail fares go up every year; where investment “advisers” blame Brexit and everything else for falling investment values and yet still charge fees.
Where our pensions are at constant risk from scammers and where the regulators always act too late.
A system which affords absolute power to the tax authorities to raid our bank accounts if they believe we owe, and where the onus is on us to prove them wrong. Sound fair?
Imagine though a new system; one which works for everyone. Where we can transact with each other without being charged by all the middle men. a new system where our money was not affected by Government economic policy and central bank controls.
Where our money was 100% safe and where only we can access it. a system where we could pay for everything using our smart phones - using our own currency and where the merchant was paid in their preferred currency, almost immediately and without cost.
Sound fanciful? Futuristic? It's happening NOW.
Those behind the current system are worried; they know whats coming. they will spread fear, doubt and uncertainty at every opportunity. 
The victor in every war loses battles but so long as the war is won then it is worth it. In the end.
You owe it to yourself to find out more.
Historians will write about 2019 - the year everything changed.