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Mass Adoption - before long?

The news that Facebook is to launch its own cryptocurrency was both shocking and exciting; shocking because until very recently it had banned all advertising daring to mention the dreaded word "crypto", exciting because this firm will never reach the 2.38 billion Facebook users about to get a crash course in the subject. The reality of this number adding to the 32 million owning crypto wallets will see mass adoption - in my opinion - more quickly than anyone could have predicted.

Hot on the heels of Samsung, which announced it was to add a blockchain wallet to its latest smart phone, and though currently only available in North America and Korea, it is only a natter of time before the S10 will include this unique facility worldwide.

Rumours abound that crypto will be integrated into Samsung Pay.

Apple's very recent announcement to launch "Cryptokit" will allow the development of crypto services suggesting that the I Phone may soon be able to provide a store and payment platform for this very real threat to fiat currency.

So what does this tell us?

It tells me that the big boys no longer believe the nonsense spouted by the centralised system that crypto is a fad or a scam or will become like the desk top calculator. Those organisations' customers number in the billions, so like it or not, you are about to be "educated"!

A word of caution. I bang on about the centralised system - the banks in particular - because of the absolute control it has over us all. Do not think that control is something these huge companies will ever let go of. In other words, Facebook's "GlobalCoin" will be a centralised currency, no different to any government backed stable coin and totally against what we believe in - the de-centralised system created from the ashes of the last financial crash.

Mass adoption before long? I now believe it is inevitable.

The period of "early adoption" - where crypto values are low - will not last for too much longer. There is a great deal to learn. Make sure you learn how to discern what is fact and fiction. We can help.

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