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Reasons to be cheerful Part 1

For those of us around before the millennium, Ian Drury and his Blockheads added to pop culture late 70s with the above catchy song - millennials can google it or Youtube it!

Todays entry is the first in a series which is aimed at promoting the countless number of reasons why you should start your crypto journey, if you've not already done so. As a reminder, Crypto Accounting is not an "opportunities facilitator" but a source of information and, yes, opinion, but where the focus is on how this all started, and why?

I will not hide from delivering negative news as my objective overall is to position you with enough information to determine for yourself whether you want to get involved now or await the time when you will be herded in without any choice - in other words, the time when mass adoption is in full play and resistance is futile! [Star Trek reference there - sorry!]

As a career financial person I did take some persuading that this was real. My old friends in the regulated financial world continue to promote fear, uncertainty and doubt - expertly delivered via their Regulator. It is easy to see why. If not, I'll return to this later.

My point is that I did not fall into this, having been propositioned on social media; I spent many months - and continue every day - searching for the truth.

My other objective is to provide a way out of the rat race for everyone; I am particularly inspired by my grown up daughters who, like so many, suffer at the hands of greedy business owners who either fail to deliver on promises and/or demand more for effectively, less.

Here are a few stats you may find interesting:

*97% of employees work for the 3% who own 97% of the world's wealth

*1p a day, doubling each day will be worth £5.3m in 30 days

*If you'd invested $10,000 in the S&P 500 in July 2010 you would be worth $24,800 today

*If you'd invested $10,000 in gold in July 2010 you would be worth $8,900 today

*$10,000 in the bank over the same period is worth $10,048 today

*If you'd bought $10,000 of bitcoin in July 2010 you would be worth $812,500,000 today

OK, I hear you! Very few would have actually done this - or would they? Swap $ for £ and we'd all be in a similar position with our bank deposit accounts.

Many have and continue to invest in stock markets and gold. But only a relatively small number went into bitcoin. Many, many have done since and the numbers today are accelerating fast - much to the growing concern of the "system".

My point? As we reflect on the Euro election results and what they actually mean, and also what difference - if any - a new leader for the Conservative and Unionist Party will make to our daily lives, I think its time for us all to learn what is really happening - the stuff that is NOT reported in the Mail or the Mirror newspapers!

The real opportunities are out there, as is the prospect of removing ourselves from helping the rich get richer.

The days of true personally defined lifestyle are just around the corner.

I would like to be your guide.

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