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News today that Facebook has lifted its ban on crypto advertising has been met with surprise but also the realisation that this new money is here to stay, despite what the naysayers preach.

At the same time, despite a security breach at a large crypto Exchange yesterday [customers lost nothing] and a slight correction in values, the daddy of them all, Bitcoin, has reached a high for 2019. With ever increasing payment solutions and the very real prospect of institutional money flow later this year, the price could be about to climb significantly.

Another cryptocurrency in the news, Dascoin [DASC] announced late last night that it was sealing the number of coins in circulation and minting no more. This too was a complete surprise but welcome to the many who have endured endless FUD from those convinced this was another scam. The basic laws of supply and demand should see the value of this one begin to climb; in addition, with the best blockchain and a number of planned product launches scheduled over the summer months, this could be one to watch.

Always remember that this remains a relatively new space; there will, for some time to come, be detractors making loud comments as to unsuitability, risk etc. As I said yesterday with over 2,000 digital currencies in existence and more and more large companies exploring the benefits of blockchain technology this space is only going to get bigger. Much bigger.

Remember the world wide web in 1992? Who then believed it would become what it has?

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