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New World Order

Politicians will have celebrated the new royal baby more than most as it has moved their pathetic efforts from the front pages. This is a short respite for us, regrettably, as their self-interest dominated actions and words will, once again, be front page news. Like many of us, I received a letter from The Brexit Party yesterday and aside from your like/dislike of its leader its message struck a chord with me as I genuinely believe our democracy is under serious threat. The next few months will be telling and on this special day - the 74th anniversary of VE day when we celebrated liberating the European continent - we stand ready to be dictated to by the very people our forefathers gave their lives to save.

As you know my subject is financial revolution, systemic change, prosperity for all, delivered by the new de-centralised system born out of the ashes of the last financial crash in 2008. This revolution is gathering pace, though you would think it does not actually exist if you read the daily newspapers.

Why is this?

The print media is owned by the 1% - you know them, the 1% that owns 80% of the world's wealth. They are quite happy with the way things are and do NOT want change.

If you want the real news you have to go looking for it and somehow learn how to distinguish between the nonsense and the facts. No different really to reading one of the red tops!

As this revolution continues more of the 1% will step up efforts to discredit, cast doubt, promote stories of scams and ponzis. For those who conduct their due diligence on the more famous search engines they will find stories to satiate the most determined researcher - determined to find reason to leave this revolution alone.

The financial regulator has made no bones about issuing dire warnings both to the public and its army of product selling "advisers". The Bank of England Governor famously suggested in March 2018 that anyone engaging in cryptocurrency ought to be fitted with a straight jacket!

Despite this there are now over 2,000 cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology - the ultimate in artificial intelligence IS changing our world, IS gradually removing the profit taking middle man and providing opportunity to the 99% of us who currently support the 1% with our efforts and hardship.

What is taking place in Venezuela could so easily happen any where in the world. Even the UK.

You may have decided to start your journey. To learning more about this. Why it started and how? How does it work? Is there any point to it all? And, what can it do for me?

Crypto Accounting was established to first and foremost, educate, disseminate and evaluate the whole space. To cut through the nonsense and perform the due diligence for you.

This is a relatively new space, just over 10 years old. It cannot boast long term "past performance" figures and is still, regrettably, open to those who would seek to steal our money. You could argue that this is no different to the financial services world! Bad apples in every barrel.

We continue to buy "off the shelf" complex financial products - the one size fits all proposition - because we are programmed to. Its what the print media supports. It represents the 1%. Ever noticed how, despite your returns - or lack of - the insurer/investment company usually makes a profit?

The banks continue to support only those who are affluent, credit card companies use credit agencies to deny millions every day. These people don't want us. We are not profitable enough for them.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency is for the 99%. For us all. No references required. No credit agencies. No need for a bank account. Absolute control of your money. Absolute security for your money. You can spend it anywhere in the world including the new breed of digital supermarkets set to take on the Amazons of this world. Where the value of your money is influenced by one thing only and NOT Government economic policy, or lack, thereof.

It will cost you nothing to start your journey. So, why wait?

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