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Beginning of the End

Not quite Churchillian but a reference to the Which report, covered in todays Express newspaper which states that free-to-use cash machines have been disappearing at a rapid rate across the UK.

Nearly 1,700 machines began charging for withdrawals in the first three months of 2019, the majority beginning this heinous practice in March. According to Which, Cardtronics and NoteMachine - the main providers of these machines, say more will follow.

This could mean the country losing 13% of its free ATM machines in only a few months.

Why? Apparently the fee received by operators from the poor destitute banks has been reduced. Link, which oversees ATMs began to cut the fee - known as the "interchange rate" last year; to date the fee has reduced from 25p to 23p per withdrawal. Who knew?

Further evidence, dear reader of how the centralised system continues to profit at our expense.

Fiat money is in serious difficulties but the fact that, more and more, we are being charged for drawing out our own, taxed money, from our accounts, using a machine and not engaging in the use of the lesser spotted bank clerk [if you can find a branch] could be one of the final straws.

The increasing range of payment options and simplicity of cryptocurrency - not to mention the ridiculously low charges for transferring money - must begin to attract the attention of those suffering this latest indignation.

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