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Crypto Accounting

I am pleased to announce the launch of the above May 1.


You must have heard about it. Or you must have heard about it from others. Or maybe you've been "invited" to participate in some get rich quick scheme involving, probably, Bitcoin. Perhaps you're starting to wonder if there IS something going on and that you should know a little more about it.

If so, where do you start?

It's much easier doing research on something that's been around for a while; the internet is crammed full of experts on pretty much every subject.

But this is relatively new; only been around for 10 years. How did it start? Why did it start? What's the point? Is it safe? Can I spend it? And a hundred more.

With 40 years in financial services I came to the crypto party around 2 years ago. Like many I dismissed the Bitcoin thing as irrelevant nonsense. It was difficult at the beginning; who to talk to, who to trust? Who actually knew about Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency and was not selling a product?

Eventually I came to realise, no one. At last no one in my area.

So I bought some; got some skin in the game!

My interest, suitably piqued, I began to study, to research the whole space. I checked out the blogs - and the bloggers. I looked for, and found numerous conflicts of interest.

I looked at all of this from a business owners perspective; was this an opportunity for the hard pressed and largely unsupported? What about tax? Surely the authorities were aware and on to it. They are.

My initial exuberance wained in early 2018 when crypto values nose dived; I read all the expert opinions - largely offered by those terrified of the potential of this new money. Then I learned what actually happened. It was chilling. From it I learned 2 things:

1. This new money is here to stay

2. The 1% of the population owning 80% of the wealth will stop at nothing to discredit and raise concern - to try to prevent mass adoption.

As a former IFA I sold regulated off the shelf products believing they were the answer to everyone's problems and objectives. My target audience was people with money? Why? For profit of course.

All the "solutions" in my armoury required my client to go without. To lose control of their money. To spend it and in doing so deny preferred lifestyle choices. If the investments did not produce, no matter. It was always someone else's fault. Typically politicians! Don't worry though - the financial services industry always made profit.

The financial revolution which began just over 10 years ago preaches prosperity for all. It preaches that we retain control over our money and that it is totally secure. That it cannot be lost in the next financial crash or on the wim of a Government deciding to devalue the state currency [Venezuela] Where it can increase in value. Where we can spend it freely, anywhere in the world. There's more, of course.

Crypto Accounting offers to educate and guide those curious enough on their journey of discovery. It will deal with the "how" and "why" and offer enlightening views on just how life changing it can be. It will show the business owner how blockchain technology can enhance, secure and profit the business. It will show the 99% of the population that this was designed for them. For us all.

I look forward to being your guide.

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