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Crypto Catch Up

The last few days has brought news of interest to those of us revolutionaries for the cause!

If you had bought $100 of Bitcoin 7 years ago when the price was $0.003 you would be worth $140m today.

The oft referred to "crypto winter" of 2018 was, it was believed, caused by the uncovering of numerous scams and the introduction of long overdue regulation. I am unable to confirm or deny this or the story circulating now that supports the belief that the authorities in the US, so deeply concerned about huge numbers of multi millionaires no longer needing to work and prop up their "system" took action. To create significant volatility in the stock world is not difficult - talk to a hedge fund manager. Similar tactics were employed in the first months of 2018 resulting in a price fall of Bitcoin from over $20,000 to less than $2,500. Clever! Today it is worth a little over $5,000 and analysts predict heady increases in value as the world realises that holding crypto is an excellent hedge against the political chaos which surrounds most of the world just now.

Sky reported yesterday that North Korea is increasingly using crypto to avoid the worst that US led sanctions seek to impose. I have read of similar stories concerning Iran and other enemies of that super power.

More and more payment solutions are being launched, and each being more innovative than the last. Think the last non-smart phone you had and compare with your current model.

Leading Exchange Coinbase has issued a payment card - the first exchange to link with Visa.

BITbns, as previously reported, is a debit card offering a 3% discount on everything it is used for. Nectar points - watch out!

Don't forget Wirex - a multi crypto currency card which also holds sterling and euro; supported by Visa, users are spending crypto or the gains made by various AI driven investment programmes in over 60m outlets worldwide.

It's time to get started. Talk to an ICC.

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