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German Support

I hope this has got your attention; it certainly got mine! My father in law gave me an article from a recent Daily Telegraph which surprised me - and I'm not easily surprised.

Germany's former European Commissioner Gunter Verheugen told ARDs Anne Will Show in Berlin that the EU's negotiating team had made a strategic misjudgment and overlooked the larger issues at stake.

He said this:

"We are not losing a member stare, we are losing the weight of 20 member states. We therefore have an interest that we remain the closest possible allies."

He went on to state that overreaching legal oversight by the EU was clearly wrong for the UK and he suggested a compromise.

The German economy is stalling with new manufacturing orders down 8.4% in February; Germany fears driving the UK into the arms of other strategic alliances at what is, clearly, a dangerous time diplomatically speaking.

If only our Government had a serious plan and the guts to stand up to the EU.

Like a growing number I struggle to understand why remainers want to stay part of this group when they have treated the UK so badly.

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