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Revolution Continues

Those representing the centralised system cast many criticisms in the direction of crypto, the vast majority of which are without foundation. The main reason they do so is fear of what mass adoption will mean for them.

One issue which does resonate is utility - in other words how do I access my crypto and actually spend it? I read stories about the main payment service providers making life difficult for those converts among us and yet regularly now a new payment solution debuts and is usually backed by Visa or MasterCard. Interesting.

I read this morning of yet another card launching very soon; Bitbns Pay.

This is a debit card and a hardware wallet in one; you can use it online and in-store as well as storing and transferring value to others, and unlike the bank's option, it is secure.

There is even a 3% discount applied to every transaction.

I have mentioned Wirex in previous blogs and as the revolution gathers pace expect an increasing number of new and innovative launches.

In these dark days of leaderless and directionless government, not to mention the slow death of democracy in our country, take heart in what is possible. A decentralised unit of value, fully protected and known only to and accessible by the owner. And now, able to be spent pretty much anywhere.

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