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Bovine Excrement

"Technologist" Nicholas Weaver, a senior researcher at Berkeley University used these words to give his opinion on Bitcoin on a Bloomberg pod cast recently.

I suspect Mt Weaver is not shy coming forward.

On closer examination of his view it appears to be somewhat out of date as he is conveniently unaware of how things have evolved, especially over the last year or so.

Unlike Mr Weaver I believe my reader needs to know everything about this space which includes learning of the opinions of those yet to be converted.

I could remind him of the great scam known as fiat money, the centralised system of democracy so ably played out currently in the Palace of Westminster and of course, the fact that I, like everyone else can spend cryptocurrency freely without restriction.

At the other end of the scale BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes gave a very positive overview of the market just now and predicted Bitcoin would hit $10,000 towards the end of this year.

Fanciful? Maybe - but remember it started humbly - at 0.03c and rose to $20,000 at Christmas 2017. Despite the welcome regulatory action of last year and the continuing wave of negative commentary from "experts" it remains at over $3,500 per coin today.

Imagine if you'd bought £100 worth in 2010...

In other news Dubai has just taken delivery of its first Bitcoin ATM; it is located within a 5 star hotel the Rixos Premium. Maybe Dubai has yet to read of Nicholas Weaver's views.

Finally, for now, I thought you might be interested to learn that my crypto holding being arbitraged by AI has yielded 18.56% this month to date. 3 weeks to achieve what an ISA might take 18 years to. Food for thought.

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