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The Difference 10 Years Can Make

Saw a great graphic the other day which highlights just how powerful investing in assets over the longer term can prove to be - with a surprising winner.

Asset Value in 2009 Value in 2019 % Change

Apple $17.00 $168.00 +988.23%

Amazon $55.51 $1,656.00 +919.24%

Gold Bullion $883.25 $1,317.12 + 49%

Dow Jones 8,599 23,995 +163%

S&P 500 903 2,477 +174%

Euro $1.39 $1.14 - 18%

Bitcoin $0.01 $3,428.00 +34,280%

Many "experts" tell us to avoid cryptocurrency citing stories of scams, Ponzi's and that this is the space for those deliberately breaking the law.

It is always worth looking into those who make these claims, aimed at deliberately creating anxiety and fear. If you look closely enough you will see that most have an axe to grind - that they represent the centralised system which supports fiat currency. Or they are simply clueless and are jumping on the bandwagon in an effort to sell something else.

I have always tried to present a balanced approach but where revealing controversial news items and facts - usually hidden away - are necessary if we are to move forward and adopt this decentralised unit of value.

Any investment specialist will tell you to hold on for the longer term and not jump the first time the markets turn sour. Those Bitcoin early adopters are sitting pretty, as you can see.

The good news is that we are still in the early adoption phase with many recent currencies, awaiting better PR or the launch of new products or payment solutions, priced as Bitcoin was 10 years ago.

The evolution of AI in this space is creating opportunity for ordinary people to turn their backs on the life draining 9-5 and build lifestyles of choice rather than of circumstance.

This is all happening. Now.

Talk to an ICC. Start your journey as soon as possible. Life is definitely not a rehearsal!

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