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All In It Together

A phrase often used by politicians to convince us that they are on our side, understand our challenges, care about our concerns and that of course we should exercise our democratic right and vote for them.

Until last week I would have argued that, regardless of the situation locally, nationally or globally, democracy demands we vote. Until last week.

I have taken the weekend to reflect - yes over a beverage or two - whether my vote counts for anything anymore. Regardless of how I voted way back in June 2016, our elected leaders are setting out their terms for our country's future. In the process they appear perfectly happy with the division this has created and, in my opinion, oblivious to the reaction they will observe if nothing happens on the 29th.

For decades to come, all problems we face as a country will be blamed on one thing. It is the ultimate golden goose for politicians. The "it's not my fault" card.

So, where does that leave us?

On 2 January I wrote that, like our Monarch, I would not deride anyone just because their opinion differed to mine. I stand by that. I do understand just how difficult it is for so many not to criticise and judge; if ever there was a moment in history for real leadership in our country it is now!

But we are stuck with what we have!

I read in that bastion of financial excellence - The Sun - on Friday last that according to the Office for Budget Responsibility [no, me neither] by 2024 [just 5 years away!] we Brits will be paying £234 billion in income tax. This represents the highest tax burden since the early 1950s.

In addition we will pay an extra £30 billion in national insurance contributions and and extra £4 billion in capital gains tax - the tax that rewards risk. Not to be left out, that most special of all taxes - the one we truly love - inheritance tax, will deliver an extra £1 billion to the government by 2024.

Just over 10 years ago a financial revolution began in the embers of the last financial crash; today there are over 2,000 alternative or crypto currencies. This de-centralised unit of value is changing lives globally. It is helping the poorest get ahead - for the first time. Something no government in our country has ever achieved.

As it continues to evolve, people are spending their cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world accepting Visa and MasterCard. There are a growing number increasing their wealth using artificial intelligence.

Only yesterday the BBC reported the first artificial intelligence burger flipping robot now working in a Pasadena restaurant.

That old saying "if it sounds too good to be true..." is understandable. However, sitting back and watching our politician's view of our future being designed cannot and must not be our only option.

Start the journey. You will be enthralled. Talk to an independent crypto consultant.

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