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How Digital Currency Will Change The World

I was reading Coinbase chief Brian Armstrong's latest on Twitter and took the opportunity to delve into some past postings; in August 2016 Brian delivered an excellent piece on the above subject, and more than 2 years later I can confirm he was dead on the money [forgive the pun] with his findings and predictions.

The people of Venezuela will testify to how system control can ruin lives.

Brian talked about economic freedom - quite apt at this BREXIT fuelled time in our lives - and measured it by a number of things, like, how easy it is to set up in business, property enforcement rights, trading freely with other nations and stability of currency to name just a few.

Economic freedom creates a number of positive outcomes like better income for the poorest, potentially fewer wars and conflicts, less financial crime and a greater number of happier people. So it begs the question:

If the world enjoyed greater economic freedom would we all benefit?

In the past, to change things for the better, one had to get involved in politics - events in the next 14 days will determine whether or not I listen to a politician ever again - or lobbying government might have worked - in truth we do not have sufficient time on this planet to effect real change in this way.

The evolution of smartphones has changed everything; in addition to their many advantages they can also bring digital money into [almost] every country.

Digital money makes it easier to start a business, protect and safely store wealth, bypasses trade agreements [or lack thereof] reduces corruption and bribery and provides access to stable currency - certainly more stable than fiat.

Digital money will reverse the 1% owning 80% of the wealth; but how long will this take? Nobody really knows BUT although still in embryonic mode, there are now over 2,000 digital currencies. People are liberating themselves from poor paying jobs and creating lifestyles unimaginable just 10 years ago because of this medium of value.

Economic freedom is a worthy goal and we invite you to join the mission.

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