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Is The Internet our Biggest Threat?

Fraud is now costing £3 trillion a year- remember that's 12 noughts. I read an interview recently with Frank Abagnale who featured in the movie Catch me if you can the lead being played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Not surprisingly he is not on social media but points out the risks of our providing organisations with detailed information on every aspect of our lives. Information which we know is used to manipulate us, to sell to us and provide the complete opposite of anonymity.

Most worrying of all he says:

"Passwords are a 1964 technology that we're still using in 2018..."

He paints a frightening future involving criminals having the ability to shut off bodily devices controlled by computer chips, law enforcement officers being able to stop a vehicle if they are within 35 feet. In time these actions may be possible from thousands of miles away. He believes that it will become a weapon of choice of those committing acts of terror.

According to Verizon's 2018 Breach Investigations report, 92% of malware is still delivered by email.

Many of us will have caught a virus, regardless of how seemingly invincible our protection is.

The moral of the story? The internet has become a serious problem. Only recently Sir Tim Berners-Lee expressed his deep concern and his current work to re-invent his gift to mankind. Blockchain technology offers respite to this problem and though not common place just now, it will grow to be so in the coming years.

As a business owner I am regularly advised to make use of social media and like many of my peers use the various platforms to create friendships and business relationships. I believe I am at a crossroads of sorts now and that after considering the risks of Abignale's interview and the stories I hear regularly about bullying and worse, I may start 2019 as a user but I doubt for too much longer.

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