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Blockchain - a little more time

Regular readers know that this subject and cryptocurrency, ICOs, token etc rarely make the main news - the reason being that it is not so much the technology itself but its application which is proving difficult.

Cloud and big data went through a similar process and gradually moved into the mainstream over a period of around 5 years.

One issue is deciding what to use blockchain for, how it will work as well as its management and implementation.

Blockchain is not a complex technology, simply put blockchain and distributed ledgers are databases that can be shared with trust and managed by the internet.

Many commentators appear to think blockchain is dead; really?

If we can replace identity schemes with decentralised digital identities, replace supply chains with digital chains, remove all paper involved in the buying and selling of property, eradicate purchase orders, bills of lading, letters of credit. If we can prove charitable donations actually go to the chosen recipient, if we can buy goods and services without the profit taking middleman - if we can do all of this with technology - which we can - then that changes our world.

Like many I hope the transition is quicker but it is taking time.

This is why the subject remains out of media headlines and is rarely covered in “mainstream” conferences.

But this will change. It's just taking time.

How did you feel about the world wide web in 1992?


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