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Crypto - Value Falls in Perspective

The naysayers have enjoyed a very productive year; after a stellar 2017 cryptocurrencies have come under the spotlight like never before. The amount of rubbish written by those anxiously watching the biggest transfer of wealth in history have enjoyed watching the significant falls in value from last Christmas's peak.

There are many [sensible and informed] reasons why these falls have occurred; the drive for regulation was always going to hamper certain currencies unable to meet these demands. Plus, the traders and the miners efforts create volatility. Profit taking would have been on the minds of many in early January and the centralised system has effectively marshalled its forces [central banks, credit card companies] to make it very difficult for the enlightened among us to gain access.

Rarely do the naysayers offer perspective, so determined are they to scare everyone into avoiding this revolution, which continues to gather momentum.

So, here's some perspective!

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google have lost almost $1,000,000,000,000 in value since their 52 week highs.

In other words, 5 major public listed companies lost more investor money in the last 2 months than all 2,000+ cryptocurrencies did all year.

You may have heard this or be aware of it as a stock investor. But if not, think on!

You can now pay for goods and services anywhere in the world in crypto, with transaction speeds of 1.5 seconds, totally secure and totally anonymously.

Time to join the revolution.

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