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More news you will not get from the centralised media; Goldman Sachs and Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz have just committed $15 million to US crypto custody service BitGo.

The Government in Kenya announced plans to use blockchain technology to manage a government housing project of 500,000 units to be built by 2020. Why blockchain? to "ensure there is a proper distribution to deserving inhabitants in the programme."

Steve Wozniak of Apple fame has just announced he is co-founder of a recently launched blockchain-focused venture capital fund EQUI Global this week. The company plans to facilitate non-institutional investments in addition to allowing investors to trade on external crypto exchanges via EquiTokens.

Joe Krug, co CIO of blockchain investment firm and hedge fund Pantera Capital believes crypto markets will increase tenfold in 2020.

In news from the other side of the fence, MasterCard and Visa is reportedly planning to group crypto, ICOs etc as "high risk".

There's a surprise.

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