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System Fighting Back

Today a client tried to transfer funds to a cryptocurrency facility which provides full utility to spend by loading on to a pre-paid Visa card; the bank refused saying that the sort code was invalid. Which it isn't of course.

This and other similar stories have convinced me that the banks are determined to make it as difficult as possible for their customers to try the new, decentralised system.

They can see that the biggest transfer of wealth in history is underway and they are worried.

Other than for mortgage purposes it is difficult to imagine a life where we don't actually need a bank but that day is coming and I believe soon.

Critics will give numerous reasons why blockchain technology will not be taken up by the masses but those critics represent the centralised system so their opinions are similar to those of a turkey speculating about December 25th.

There are many amazing things going on just now - like the United Nations proclamation that Blockchain may solve many of the world's problems, the problems governments appear to be disinterested in.

It is unlikely you will hear about any of them from the media as the media is controlled by the huge corporations who have been doing nicely, thank you, and do not want things to change.

Do not be put off! Find the real stories and be excited.

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