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Britain and the 4th Industrial Revolution

Britain has often led the world in innovation - we may be about to again.

Karl Schwab of the World Economic Forum described the possibilities of this revolution;

"The possibilities of billions of people connected by mobile devices, with unprecedented processing power, storage capacity and access to knowledge, are unlimited. These possibilities will be multiplied by emerging technology breakthroughs in fields such as AI, robotics, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, materials science and quantum computing."

Add to this the remaking of money and the web itself and it's clear that the hub for all these technologies will not be the web as we know it, but the BLOCKCHAIN-enabled decentralised web.

Internet inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee is busy re-inventing his wonderful creation for a new age. He is focused on not just reversing creeping centralisation and the resulting domination of the web, but in de-centralising in a way that is permanent, for good and for everyone.

With the USA in isolationist mood post-BREXIT Britain is well placed to lead the west.

The British Blockchain Association, already a world leading institution with both the first peer-reviewed journal and in March the first scientific conference in this field, is moving to support blockchain technologies in both public and private sectors.

This 4th Industrial Revolution may appear to some to be embryonic but the speed of advancement is surprising - just like the lack of coverage in the main media. Or is it perhaps not surprising? After all, those who benefit from the centralised system fear losing their grip, their control.

Blockchain is a force for good, for everyone. This is a unique moment in history, I invite you to learn more about it.

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