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Coincidence or not?

I have read various books on a range of subjects over the years and because of this and other, faith based reasons I do not believe in coincidences. I read an article recently where the author talked about "cosmic connections" and offered a description of the five main types we will encounter on life's great journey. It was an interesting read and it is clear that the author, like so many others, believes in the power of the universe.

I believe timing plays an important role; indeed some believe timing is everything. Recognising a coincidence or something that happens in life, without warning and then acting on it is always a challenge.

Like many I am bombarded with offers to set up a trading account in either foreign currency [FX] or cryptocurrency [mainly Bitcoin] with promises of untold riches, regardless of whether the market rises or falls. Apparently this is the best time! I attended an FX training course/introduction only last week; I found it compelling, almost exciting BUT it appeared too easy to make money. Of course, right at the end they landed the sucker punch. Cough up a large sum of money for access, proper training, mentorship etc. Needless to say I passed on the offer but I could certainly understand why a reasonable queue had formed at the presenters table to sign up!

10 years ago the last financial crash began to take shape; it had been predicted by many in the months leading to September 2008 but I will never forget the breaking news concerning Northern Rock pleading for a Government bailout. What followed was shocking - especially for Northern Rock savers. Was it a coincidence that from the ashes of the crash, in New York a group of clever thinkers, fed up like the rest of us, chose to create something that would offer us all an alternative to the boom/bust economies we have to endure and which successive Governments worldwide appear incapable of preventing?

This alternative, decentralised system is free of most of the influencing factors which create these decennial "corrections"; is still relatively new and its complexity is now being written about by many - some who fully understand it, some who are frightened by it and by those who are relatively clueless but want to jump on the band waggon!

Getting the right information to everyone and from someone NOT trying to sell a product is my mission.

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