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Millennials Not Coping With Money

Keep Me Posted is a campaign against many businesses and banks as well as the Government, that charge for paper statements, and encourage customers to go online. KMP argues that not only does this discriminate against the elderly and disabled, but that young people are becoming overly reliant on the internet and digital documents.

Research shows, apparently 40% of adults in the UK say the removal of paper statements could affect their finances, while surprisingly 5.2m households do not have internet access.

Seven EU countries and Canada have passed laws banning the charging for paper bills.

Some of this is both alarming as well as surprising but could we not better prepare our young people for what lies ahead?

Author Robert Kiyosaki in his excellent book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" questions why we don"t provide financial education in schools - then provides the answer! Our centralised system needs us to leave school, go in to further education, get loaded with debt, find good paying jobs and then buy as many liabilities as we can - house, car, etc. In effect this traps us in the system as we become totally reliant on it. Our actions support the banks, the finance companies, government agencies, estate agents, car dealers, financial advisers and so on.

The system.

The first steps to create a decentalised alternative began in earnest 8 years ago from the ashes of the last financial crash - you remember the details - banks fail, jobs lost, homes repossessed, savings decimated - then banks bailed out by the tax payer...

The move towards a decentralised system is fuelled by Blockchain technology - it is gathering pace and will transform our world. If you think Blockchain is Bitcoin trading or mining - think again.

Get in touch if you'd like to begin the journey.

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