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Guilt Free Spending

A recent survey by revealed 11% of us are “wracked with guilt” after making a big purchase. 39% admit to being indecisive. In addition 10% of adults regularly argue with their partner over their approach to buying new things .                                                                            Sound familiar?                                                    Why do we experience these emotions? Is it perhaps a lack of surety over our finances? Do we know how much we can spend and when without any concern? 4 in 10 of us - who took part in the survey - don’t.                                 Those who employ a financial adviser assume that the calculations necessary to provide this surety - this peace of mind - are done prior to the inevitable recommendations regarding suitable financial products which we “must” have.  Unfortunately the adviser must only ensure that said products are affordable and only a few would ever take the time necessary to ensure that not only we will have enough money to last the rest of our lives but also to determine in which of the 3 camps we sit - the “not enough’s”, the “too much’s” and the “got enough’s” - the latter usually not knowing this of course!                                                                   This is true financial planning and does not require the complex financial products few of us truly understand.                                            Without this planning how can we possibly buy any product - let alone make any purchase?       If you have not spoken to a “lifestyle financial planner” you will be unfamiliar with this concept and probably a little surprised!                            But, if you crave the peace of mind, the knowledge that you can spend with confidence, guilt free, then you should arrange to speak to such a planner at your earliest convenience.

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