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The ancient Greeks had two words for time; chronos - sequential or chronological time and kairos -an opportune time for action.                                    The hypocrisy of our banking system, ably supported by the ultimate sponsors of our centralised (no control/discretion) system - the Government, means that the 4/5 of the worlds population deemed worthy to hold a bank account must tolerate 4-5 days for funds to clear, pernicious charges if we dare to go overdrawn, threats of bayliff/credit score destruction if we miss a payment - this a regular occurance if we are brave enough to change banks, ATM shutdowns, and endless soothing tv adverts showing just how much they care about us on our journey through life!                                                   Soon - very soon you will start to read about a new way of running our finances. One which does not involve a bank. A new way where our money is 100% protected and where we can use it to buy all the things we currently buy BUT without the fees and threats we are familiar with - and coming to a bank near you soon the sale of those wonderful financial products that served us so well last time around.                                    A new system where we can buy our energy, satellite TV and professional services at a fraction of what we pay now.                                   This is KAIROS-the ultimate time for action. To create REAL change. Where WE are in control. Where we are totally secure. This year.

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