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For the Few - at the Expense of the Many

I was putting together a portfolio of cash accounts for a client the other day as part of a lifestyle planning exercise; I knew savings rates were poor - we know the banks remain reluctant to pass on the borrowing rate rise last December. I was looking at the Nationwide, our largest building society and one which advertises so positively about offering the best to its many customers. I was shocked to see that an instant access online account will pay a mighty 0.1% pa before tax. I was just getting over the shock when I saw the headline in the press “Building Society fat cats land £6.5m.”    It must seem harsh to many when reflecting on the pay our bankers receive when they offer such derisory rates of interest. Of course the best way to fight back is to put our money somewhere else! But where? Well- how about an account which pays the same rate for everyone? An account which is 100% secure and known only to the account holder. An account which offers drsmatic additional returns for locking it away for a couple of years. An account which you can use at home or anywhere abroad with no rip off exchange rates. An account which the banks are going to hate! Such an account is available now; costs nothing and takes around 2 minutes to set up. I think you just might find this interesting - no

pun intended!

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