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Bank Branch Closures

It was reported in the Mail June 15th that 60 bank branches are being closed every month. The expensive TV adverts paid for from the profits generated at our expense talk about being our “partners” for the journey of life - they really ought to add that this is true provided we live in a non rural area and that we generate sufficient income earning opportunities for the bank and now that we will forgive the agressive financial services selling of the last decade and be seduced once again with their offers of a financial health check...The same banks where 90% have still to pass on the rate rise to their savers borrowers were hit with over 6 months ago. It’s almost as if the banks know that their domination is drawing to a close. That they will no longer be necessary.. that something new and exciting is coming and which will ensure we can all protect our money and avoid the rip off bank charges we have no say over. It’s iabout to happen.

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