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Pay per View TV

A strange subject you might think but maybe not! Recently a family members satellite TV developed a problem; a call was made seeking help and after being put through a series of exhausting tests the conclusion was that an engineer was needed. Ok so far - until the news that it would be a week before one could visit. Many of us will be familiar with this and similar problems, broadband springs to mind! There may be relief just around the corner! Blockchain technology will be familiar to most who read these posts but few can imagine the possibilities this technology can deliver. I learned of a major Paris fashion chain which has utilised Blockchain to secure its designs -after many poor experiences of being hacked in the past. These designs are worth a great deal of money so it seemed logical to take this step. So imagine now being able to obtain TV and broadband from Blockchain, at a greatly reduced cost! Maybe this is not just the musings of one so keen on systemic change...

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