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Cryptocurrency Trading - Is There a Better Way?

By any chance have you been approached, online or by someone, to enter the world of Bitcoin?!

Chances are you have. I certainly have-3 times today already! 

I notice that the core tactic of persuasion is the fear of missing out. After all-they point out-Bitcoin was 3c in 2010 and around $8,000 now. A lot of us get involved because of this I’m sure. Trading crypto currency is broadly similar to trading stocks. It is a gamble and few of us can really afford to do that these days. It may surprise you to know that crypto or alternate currency is NOT all about trading. In fact it is the one pursuit to avoid as, with stocks or other investments, trading makes money for others. Then there’s the worry and anxiety of getting the timing right. The deluge of information designed to get us to act or of course buy more and go in deeper. And even if we are successful - then what? 

We can’t spend Bitcoin - an ever growing number of places are turning their backs on it. Imagine however if there was a way of getting involved, a way that did not involve trading and where utility was no issue. In other words your crypto currency could be spent anywhere in the world. Without charge. 100% secure. Totally anonymous. 

Sound fanciful? It’s about to happen... 

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