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Systemic Change

The dictionary definition of “system” is “a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network; a complex whole”

As I write this on 19 February I am watching one example of this “system” - the world’s stock markets so recently in free-fall – again – beginning to show shaky signs of recovery.

Being of a certain age I am sure I am not alone in being tired of this and my heart goes out to those investors totally unprepared for the extreme volatility they have faced and will continue to face. The experts provide reasons, combination of political [BREXIT of course] issues, inflation - out of our personal control leading to...interest rate rises, always a favourite. They preach calm which is easy when it’s our money. Investors will have sold at the wrong time and will more than likely buy in at the wrong time – as usual.

Fees charged regardless of investment return - as usual.

The base cost of borrowing went up late last year but savers are still being short changed – as usual.

Pensions are in the headlines again with British Steel workers being "advised" to make alternate arrangements and the authorities waking up to the problem too late - as usual.

The few who benefit from the system are appalled at the possibility of change.

They know that change is coming and its not going to be in the future but actually in 2018. They are worried.

The ancient Greeks had 2 words for time: chronos – chronological time and kairosmeaning the right, critical or opportune moment.

We are, I believe at a moment of kairos.

Despite all the fear, uncertainty and doubt being pedalled by those who rely on the system, there is an event – in April – which will trigger the start of a new system. A system which will work for everyone rather than the few; where we can buy, anywhere in the world, and where the recipient is paid almost immediately and at no cost. Where we use money not controlled by the system. Where our transactions are 100% secure. Where we pay using our smart phones. No need for cash. Cash will become obsolete.

Its already started.

Historians will write about 2018 as the year everything changed.

If you have any desire to be part of something life changing. To be involved in the future direction of technology, finance and wealth distribution. If you have 30 minutes for a coffee. Then get in touch - I guarantee you it will not be a waste of your time.

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