• Chris Haley

Introducing System Independence

“The dictionary definition of “system” is “a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network; a complex whole.”

Our “system” which each and every one of us has to adhere to, enslaves us into doing what everyone else does. It despises innovation and threatens us when we try to improve our lot.

Inflation is now at a four year high, our money buys 20% less in US dollars and 30% less in euros compared to November 2015. National debt has “reduced” to 150% of GDP and consumer debt has risen by almost 10% during the first three quarters of 2017.

US debt is over $20trillion which inevitably will result in a rise in interest rates – just like at home BUT with far more serious consequences. Equity values now exceed $100trillion and across the globe governments print new money at will, seemingly unconcerned about the longer term effects of this policy.

Since the Referendum on EU membership, companies and the public have been bemused by the efforts of all relevant agencies to construct a “Brexit” which will benefit us all. From March 2019 the UK will be out of the EU; what effect will this have on the banking protection we currently enjoy? What will our future really be like?

We support the authoritie's determination to route out those who would defeat the tax system by unscrupulous means, but we are deeply concerned by the aggressive attitude of the tax authorities in communiques, media coverage and the power they have to raid our bank accounts if they determine we have, in some way, underpaid.

This is our interpretation of the “system”.

System “Independence” is making the changes required to be immune to the system we describe. The changes are not dramatic but they are effective.

To learn more, get in touch today!

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