Financial Planning

Whatever in heavens name is that, you might be thinking. Let’s face the fact that we’re all on this planet for a brief period, which we conveniently call - a lifetime. While we are tenants of this world, we must constantly remind ourselves that we need to live life to the fullest. That it does not have a rehearsal period. That we can’t reverse the clock. And we ponder – what is the return on life.


We’ve all got some sort of investment, in whatever form. And with every investment, we expect a return. The worry zone starts there. The frustration at being charged regardless of successful returns. The complexity of understanding those financial products offered to you and a quizzical thought that is it you or the provider of those products actually making a profit?


Lifestyle Financial Planning does not have any products. It is planned on you, the person. Not a one-size-fits-all financial product. Where do you stand now? In what direction are you headed? How much money do you need, for the rest of your life, no matter what happens? In other words, what’s your number?

Each of us fits in one of these three categories.


The Not-Enoughs
Quite easy to identify and for those of us in this category, it’s a case of gap filling. Not by using financial products none of us fully understand, but by addressing the cost of our lifestyle now and the life we crave later on. There are reliefs we are entitled to. Have we claimed them? As Business owners, have we arranged our affairs to maximise personal returns or tax returns?

The Too-Muchs
If you’re fortunate to be in this category, it’s merely a case of ensuring you do not die the richest in the cemetery! It is a question of legacy, spend rather than accumulation.

The Got-Enoughs
This category is the most interesting. But the sad part is that most of this privileged group do not know they have enough. So they continue to take risks when they have no need. They work when they could play. If they spend, they do so with guilt. They remain anxious when they could be relaxing – choosing how to spend each precious day rather than feeling obligated in what they do.


Lifestyle Financial Planning focuses on what we all want – a life of our choosing, one where we have enough to do all that we wish to do and can still take care of our families and support worthy causes.


Lifestyle Financial Planning is not about financial products we fail to understand in the first place! It focuses on you as opposed to the requirements of a Regulator. It focuses on you as opposed to the benefits, risks and charges of a financial product or investment.


It only focuses on you. Just you.


If all of the above has your pulse racing...