Independence from the system is near.

So why did you get up this morning? Was it because you had to or because you wanted to? There is a 180-degree difference between “having” and “wanting” to! Imagine what it would be like if we had the choice.


Thank you for taking time to have a look and answer the five questions; not your standard questionnaire it’s true but it reflects our goal of #prosperity for all.


We assume your interest is piqued at the very concept of “keeping more” - it must feel that the harder you work the less you actually keep for yourself. The tax regime appears to disincentivise rather than reward. The change to tax on dividends is clear and conclusive evidence of this! How many Directors paid tax on last year’s dividends in January for the first time? Too many to numerate!


Of course its not just dividend tax is it? Look at fuel prices now - high and set to go higher. Consider exchange rates - $ down 20% and € down 30% for our pounds since November 2015. Let’s leave BREXIT for now but it will be a stick to beat us with for years to come. Then there’s the banks - the people who contributed massively to the 2007/08 crash and yet continue to mess up our lives through appalling service, the continuing pursuit to sell “certain” financial products, the power to close our accounts at will and or to threaten our credit rating if we dare to miss a payment - the same people who, when they mess up again - which they will as greed always wins out - will be bailed out by the tax payer. US. Not that we have any say in the matter as the Government will simply act. As usual.


Last - but by no means least - the tax authorities which now send out tax demands and then invite consultation as to whether this is merited. A Tax authority empowered to raid our bank accounts if they believe we have underpaid. 


The Chancellor spoke recently to say that debt was reducing, everything is much better and yet the 6th richest country in the world allows tens of thousands of its citizens to sleep outside, in the rough. 


90% of the world’s wealth is owned/controlled by 1% of the population.


BUT imagine a new system. A system that works for all of us rather than just the few. A system which will render the banks as pointless and where our security - business, financial, is assured. Where we control our money and absolutely no person or authority can ever gain access to our money. Where its value is not influenced by Central Government/Central Bank policy. Where bank threats to our credit rating are impotent. 


Where we can be totally anonymous.


A system which will enable us to do business but without the middleman adding significantly to our costs.


There is a financial revolution underway - it is still in its early stages. Last May a leading academic likened this revolution to where we were with the Internet in 1992. Look how that turned out!


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