Digital Business Coach

What were you doing in the autumn of 2008? Some of us were queuing outside Northern Rock branches desperately trying to get our money out. Why? There was a serious risk that the bank might close and customers could lose everything.
Around the same time, a group of very disgruntled people with IT expertise declared, on behalf of us all, that enough really was enough.
The centralised system which serves the very few so well was no longer to be trusted. The irony of the perpetrators of most financial "corrections" - the banks - always being bailed out by the very people most affected, was lost only by a few.
A new "de-centralised" system was born in 2008 and with it the world's first unit of value NOT controlled  by the system.
More than 10 years have passed since that birth. There are now over 2,000 cryptocurrencies though most only know of Bitcoin. Few know about blockchain technology, which supported by Artificial Intelligence is in the process of removing the "middle man".
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